FC AFC Bayou Teche Eye On The Ball "Slider"



Sire: 2005 NFC AFC Clubmead's Road Warrior
(158.5 All - Age Points)
Bayou Teche Angel
(mother to FC AFC Bayou Teche Miah)
  81 lbs
AKC #:
OFA (Hips):
  LR-188113G29M-VPI (Good)
  CT Scan 1 ---- CT Scan 2
  LR-EIC1837/23M-VPI (Clear)
  LR-CNM11-342-M-PI (Clear)


Slider is amateur owned, handled, and trained by Lauren Hays under the guidance of Bill Eckett and Blackwater Retriever’s expertise.  A quick look at his Event History on Entry Express is enough to see that Slider is a once-in-a-lifetime dog.  Even as a very young dog, more than a few professionals commented that there was something different about this dog. Also, his amazing record was performed in arguably one of the most difficult circuits in the United States – fall and spring in Texas.

Career Highlights as of 7/28/2015

134 Career All Age Points

Qualified for 6 Nationals - 4 X National Finalist

Double Header Winner - Rockwall Retriever Club (3/22/2013)

Back-to-back wins to start the 2015 season

Positive progeny reports!

Career Highlights by Age

Derby Career:

As a 2 Year Old:

As a 3 Year Old:

As a 4 Year Old:

As a 5 Year Old:

As a 6 Year Old:

As a 7 Year Old:



Of all the special characteristics about Slider, his marking is undeniably his best.  He. Knows. Where. The. Bird. Is.  On many occasions, Slider has been the only dog in the last series to go directly to a bird, even when it requires negotiating many obstacles in between.  His ability to bend his line toward the bird given any factor is phenomenal.  He knows where he is in the field, where he’s been, and where he’s going.  His exceptional memory and intelligence complete the picture to get him to the last bird in the last series in impressive style.


It would be hard to find a dog more consistent than Slider.  He has finished and/or placed in at least one stake per weekend at EVERY field trial he has run since March of 2012.  His intelligence in the field and his team-player attitude on blinds puts him in the fourth series very often.  For an amateur handler, this is the ideal characteristic in a dog. He makes the steep entry fees and the long drives worth it.


Since a 7 week old puppy, Slider has been a water dog.  His attitude and courage about the big swims is second to none.  He has won more than a few trials because he will face the water and conditions that other dogs won't.  Even as a 12 month old puppy, it was hard to get Slider to cheat.  His naturally straight lines and great water attitude have made training him easy and fun.  When the fourth series rolls around, Slider is hard to beat.


Slider is the definition of a low maintenance dog.  He has a relaxed training attitude that translates into a successful field trial weekend.  He loves to train, but doesn't require a hard and daily schedule of corrections or battles.  He gives effort 100% of the time and learns concepts extremely quickly.  Teaching him new concepts was a matter of showing him just a few times, and he would convey it to many other situations.  As an All Age dog, the polishing and refining of his skills has also been a pleasure.  Slider enjoys learning and is a great student.


While most dogs get looser and higher with each series, Slider gets more and more focused.  He gets better and better as the series get harder, and he doesn’t slip on his line manners one inch.  He ran 20 series in National Championship stakes last year, and was the same dog on the line in the first series as he was in the 10th.  This remarkable trait has allowed him to run seven or eight trials on back-to-back weekends with very little training in between.


As a young stud, Slider's progeny are beginning to emerge at the trials. They have earned 56 derby points and a Qualifying win as of 4/22/14.  Great reports are coming in nearly every day on the younger litters as well.  The puppies are showing themselves to be a lot like dad with reports of extreme intelligence, intense focus and desire, great temperaments, and a high degree of trainability.  In many cases, they are also the spitting image of Slider. 

On both sides of his pedigree, Slider comes from producers.  Chopper’s progeny are legendary, and Slider’s dam (Bayou Teche Angel) has produced exceptional markers in three breedings with three different studs.  One of the dogs is FC AFC Bayou Teche Miah, a National Finalist with over 100 all age points.  Slider’s littermates have demonstrated the powerful combination of Angel and Chopper.  They had a combined total of 97 Derby points, and five littermates have Open wins before five years of age.

Home Life

Slider has been an indoor dog his whole life.  The ability to relax and switch "off" the working dog mode has always come easily to him.  He's a perfect gentleman to be around, and loves to nap on the couch during weekday work hours.  He enjoys riding in the cab of the truck and Lauren takes him as many places as possible.  One of his favorites is Home Depot where the local staff knows him and even gave him his own orange apron.  His favorite home activities include chasing the tennis ball with the Chuck-It, squirrel watching and chasing, and working on his repertoire of tricks for pieces of duck jerky.  He's earned bed privileges too, and waits patiently each night to be invited onto his blanket at the foot of the bed.